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Common Myths and Facts About Root Canal Therapy

By Admin on July 11, 2018 in Dental Care
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Many people stress over any kind of procedure that has to do with their mouth. Whether it be an easy filling or extensive surgery, when you start to discuss anesthetic or freezing, people tend to get a little uncomfortable. Root canal therapy is no exception. Over the years many myths and misconceptions have formed regarding specifically this procedure. This procedure is one that had changed evolved greatly over the past years and is generally very easily tolerated by most.

The Procedure Root Canal Therapy is usually prescribed by your dentist whenever the nerve within the tooth is damaged or enflamed. This is usually discovered upon radiograph when a tooth is either fractured or has a large filling, where there is discomfort or pain present. An abscess may have formed at the base of the root tips. The steps to remove the infected nerve are somewhat time consuming but normally the patient is kept very comfortable.

The dentist or endodontic specialist will administer local anesthetic and isolate the infected tooth with a dental dam. An opening will be made in the top of the tooth and the nerve tissue will be removed using a number small files. Your tooth may then have either a temporary or actual filling placed on the Drs. discrestion. Once a tooth has a root canal it may become brittle over time, so a full crown is suggested to maintain the integrity and strength of the tooth.

Myths: There are many myths about root canals that are passed off as truth. If these are exposed as the myths that they are, you may be a little less hesitate about this procedure:

  • They are painful
  • Tooth pain will vanish immediately
  • They will fail
  • They cause physical illness

Facts: With every myth, there is a solid fact behind it to ease your mind:

  • It is rare for these procedures to be painful due to sophisticated anesthetics It will help treat the tooth pain from the original issue, however, as we have just worked on a tooth that has been infected it may be sensitive following the procedure. Some discomfort is normal; it will subside.
  • Root canals have come a long way and now have an 85% success rate. No scientific research has ever found a link between root canals and physical illness.

If your family dentist in Etobicoke recommends a root canal to treat your dental pain, you can walk into Cloverdale Dental Group, your complete family and cosmetic dentistry clinic knowing the myths and facts of this treatment.