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Dental Cleaning During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

By Admin on April 11, 2019 in Dental Care
Dental Cleaning During Pregnancy

When pregnant, you may have many questions and concerns arise regarding your physical and oral health. There are many food items, medications, and even procedures you may want to avoid to keep yourself and your baby healthy. Taking care of your oral health while pregnant should be a priority but are exams and a dental cleaning at your Etobicoke dentist safe? Should these procedures be placed on the “do not” list?

Are Dental Cleanings Safe When Pregnant?

Just like you visit a medical professional when pregnant to ensure your body and your baby is healthy, you should also visit the dentist. When pregnant, the hormones in your body can affect your oral health and it makes you more susceptible to health concerns such as gum disease and cavities.

Receiving a dental cleaning in Etobicoke should be a priority when pregnant. This not only helps remove tartar, plaque, and other bacteria that could harm your teeth, but your dentist can closely look at your teeth to determine if there are any concerns or areas where treatment is needed.

In addition, many individuals are concerned regarding dental x-rays and other procedures such as filling cavities. While these are all safe, it is important that your dentist is aware of your pregnancy — particularly early pregnancy — prior to caring for your teeth. Even though it is safe, your dentist may still recommend you wait on x-rays or avoid them altogether.

Can I Whiten My Teeth While Pregnant?

Creating a pearly white smile shouldn’t be a worry. When pregnant, there are many questions regarding if teeth whitening is safe and whether it is one procedure that you can enjoy while pregnant. While there is no evidence that whitening your teeth is dangerous, there is also no evidence that it should be avoided either.

However, if you do decide to brighten your smile, it is important that you choose professional teeth whitening treatments in Etobicoke. Over-the-counter treatments are not only ineffective but they are more dangerous as well. If you desire to whiten your teeth, it is important that you choose in-office options. This will not only ensure the entire procedure is safe but that you are using supplies that are effective and long-lasting. Additionally, your dentist can provide faster, easier methods than what you will find over the counter. Rather than use strips or gels for weeks at a time, you can receive whiter teeth in just a one-hour visit.

Pregnancy can cause a plethora of concerns and worries. Luckily, when you choose the best dentist in Etobicoke, you will have someone who is willing to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable. You can enjoy a clean, beautiful, and white smile without any worries that you are harming yourself or your baby.