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Crowns Bridges
Crowns Bridges

Crowns and bridges are the most standard dental restoration work in the field of dentistry.

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crowns bridges

Crowns Bridges

Crowns and bridges are the most standard dental restoration work in dentistry. Like a dental implant, crowns and bridges can help restore lost or severely damaged teeth, giving you back the smile that you love. When a dental crown procedure is done correctly, they will, blend with the natural teeth, have ideal contacts with the neighboring tooth and fit ideally when chewing against the opposing teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges typically last at least five years, and sometimes even longer than thirty years, with proper care and oral hygiene. They are used to replace lost teeth or are placed over damaged, weakened teeth to provide sound support and restructuring. The new teeth are made either entirely of porcelain or of porcelain fused to metal alloys. This makes them incredibly strong, like natural teeth. They can even be custom coloured to ensure that they match exactly with the other natural teeth!

A dental crown fixes one tooth, while a dental bridge replaces multiple teeth at once. With a fixed dental bridge, an absent tooth will be replaced and bonded with the teeth on either side, both of which are fitted with crowns with a fake tooth in the center.

A variety of problems can be solved using dental crowns and bridges. As teeth start to wear down, a crown can prevent additional erosion, attrition and damage. If an earlier filling starts causing pain, typically from cracks in the tooth, a crown may alleviate the discomfort. They also help to prevent damage to teeth that are susceptible to fracture following root canal treatment.

Dental crown and bridge procedures usually occur over two appointments, though sometimes a third is necessary. Though your mouth may be a bit tender afterwards and the tooth may initially be temperature sensitive, there should be no lasting discomfort. After that, you treat the crown and bridge as you would your natural teeth, brushing and flossing daily.

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