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Can You Get Braces Just On The Upper or Lower Teeth?

By Admin on June 12, 2019 in Blog
Teeth Braces

Everybody’s heard of getting braces on the upper teeth. It’s common to get them on the upper teeth, considering these are the ones that are out in the open and displayed when we smile. But when the lower row isn’t as visible, does it make sense to get them on the lower teeth as well? Or what if the bottom row is the one that you want to fix and your top teeth look fine? Is it really necessary to get both? We get asked this question a lot from people who are searching for an orthodontist in Etobicoke, and we want to answer it.

While it is possible to get a single arch treatment (getting braces on one row), it’s only suitable for some people, depending on the circumstances. For others, a single arch treatment can actually cause more problems than they started with and it should be avoided.

How do you know when you should get a single arch treatment, or if you need both? We’ve outlined who each treatment is appropriate for and what options you have, to make your search clearer as you’re looking for orthodontic Treatment in Etobicoke.

Who Can Get a Single Arch Treatment?

Also called a one arch treatment, getting braces on only your top or bottom row can be effective for those who’re looking to correct an overbite or underbite. For instance, if your front teeth have gaps in between them while your bottoms are in perfect alignment, it can be a good idea to get braces on the top row. Alternatively, you can get braces on the bottom when your teeth are nice and the bottom ones need aligning.

Risks of Single Arch Treatments

However, because alignment involves two rows of teeth, getting braces on only the top or bottom teeth can cause complications. When you’re working with one row while the other set of teeth stay in the exact same place, a single arch treatment can cause greater misalignment. This may cause difficulty with chewing or speaking, headaches, jaw pain, and tooth grinding.

Should You Still Consider a Single Arch?

When searching for orthodontic specialists treatments, it may be best to book an appointment for a personal consultation. At the Cloverdale Dental Group, we offer consultations with a licensed orthodontist in Etobicoke who will have the knowledge and expertise to help you discover which option will be most suitable for you.