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The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

By Admin on May 21, 2019 in Dental Care
Etobicoke dental office

Visiting your dentist may be a task that is low on your priority list but it should not be. A regular visit to your local Etobicoke dental office can help keep your teeth, gums, and other areas in your mouth healthy. These visits should occur at least every six months or more often if recommended. Here are four reasons why Etobicoke residents should experience regular dental visits.

To Look For Potential Oral Concerns

When you visit your dentist in Etobicoke, he or she will complete a thorough examination of your mouth. He will look inside to determine if there are any problem areas or things that may be of concern. Not only will the dentist look for warning signs of new cavities, but also any signs for gum disease, jaw problems, a poorly aligned bite, and much more. Many of these early warning signs are unnoticeable, such as toothache, sores, etc., which makes these exams even more important.

To Receive X-Rays

In addition to conducting a thorough examination inside your mouth, during your check-up, you may have x-rays taken. This allows your Etobicoke dental professionals to get a clearer picture of the crooks and crannies inside your mouth. They can determine if there are trouble areas in places that are hard to reach and difficult to see. They can also get a look at the gums, making it easier to determine proper treatment options if necessary.

For Plaque and Tartar Removal

One critical component of the check-up is to receive a professional cleaning. A trained professional will use various tools to help remove plaque, tartar, and other bacteria that could cause potential problems such as tooth decay. While brushing your teeth is essential to help prevent plaque build-up, it will not eliminate all of it. Only with proper tools and a trained professional will your teeth be deep-cleaned.

Additionally, during your check-up, your hygienist will polish your teeth. This helps to improve the look of your teeth and prevents many stains and unwanted discoloration.

To Ask Questions

You may have many questions and concerns arise regarding your oral health. You may wonder about a certain pain, how to treat a reappearing sore, desire tips to improve your oral hygiene, and much more. When you visit your Etobicoke dental office, this gives you the opportunity to discuss any of your concerns directly with professionals. You can ask questions and receive the undivided attention of medical experts who can help you keep your teeth, gums, and other areas of your mouth healthy and feeling great.

Visiting your dentist in Etobicoke should be an appointment you do not miss. This visit offers many benefits and is essential for your overall health and well-being. If you haven’t scheduled your six-month check-up, call your dentist today.