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White Fillings
White Fillings

Prefer white fillings as older fillings are made of metal amalgam, whereas white fillings are made from composite resin material.

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white fillings

White Tooth Filling

Older fillings are made of metal amalgam, whereas white tooth fillings are made from composite resin material, combined with either glass or quartz for strong, realistic-looking teeth. Composite filling is not only durable but are also more resistant to pressure and crack formation from chewing than the metal traditional fillings.

Though called white fillings, it is more accurate to refer to these as tooth-coloured fillings or composite resins, as the dentist will ensure each filling mixture is shaded to match your natural teeth, giving you an esthetic restoration.

Besides their esthetic appeal, there are several reasons to choose white fillings over silver. Tooth-coloured fillings will not expand or contract with the changing temperature of your mouth as metal fillings do. Unlike metal fillings, these fillings actually bond to the tooth, making it less susceptible to fractures, which can be painful and costly to repair. They are also free from mercury and do not take any time to set. As such, patients are able to chew effectively on a new composite resin filling immediately after the filling is placed (just watch from chewing on your frozen lip! Ouch!)

White fillings are a fairly-simple procedure, done in a single office visit. The dentist will first remove any decay from the damaged tooth, thoroughly cleaning it and preparing it for the adhesive. The resin mixture is then used to replace the decayed portion, returning the tooth to its natural shape and functionality. To set and harden the resin, a powerful UV light is used to cause a reaction inside the material, turning it from a soft putty-like consistency to that resembling the strength of a tooth. Composite resin fillings can replace traditional metal fillings with minimal hassle, as well. Silver fillings are easily removed, allowing the dentist to check for any additional damage or treatment needed. If none is needed and the tooth structure remains intact, the white resin is added to the tooth, leaving behind a natural looking filling.

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