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What You Must Know About Unexpected Dental Emergencies!

By Admin on April 13, 2020 in Dental Care
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You never know when an accident can happen or tragedy can strike. When these events happen and affect your mouth or teeth, you must know what to do. Some injuries may require emergency dental care in Etobicoke. However, before you receive this necessary care, you must take certain steps to prevent further damage and to provide a little relief.

Below are several common oral injuries and the steps you should take as you seek the care of an emergency dentist in Etobicoke.

Broken Tooth

You may simply bite down on something or you fall and break your tooth. If the break or the chip is minor and causing you no pain, call your dentist office but you may be able to wait until normal business hours for treatment. However, if there is much pain and it is affecting your daily activities, you must seek emergency dental care in Etobicoke.

In these situations, you want to gather as many of the broken pieces as possible. Place these pieces in a small cup of water and avoid touching them. You will want to apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth to help relieve some pain and reduce the swelling in your mouth. You do not want to apply a heat pack to your mouth as this can increase the swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you lose a tooth, emergency dental care is needed. You want to receive medical attention immediately to help save the tooth. If possible, spend a few minutes searching for the tooth. Keep in mind that time is not on your side so you want to act quickly. If you can find the tooth, make sure you do not handle it by its roots. You want to pick it up by the chewing surface. Rinse the tooth off well with warm water and if possible, place it back in the socket. Hold it there until you can see an emergency dentist in Etobicoke.

If you cannot place the tooth back into the socket, rinse the tooth off and place it in a small glass of milk to help preserve the tooth.

Painful Toothache

If you are experiencing a toothache that causes you such pain that you cannot complete basic functions such as eating or talking, seek emergency dental care. You can try many things at home to see if you can relive some of the pain such as brushing and flossing your teeth, placing a cold compress on your face, or taking pain-relieving medication. You may also want to gargle some saltwater to help kill some of the bacteria in your mouth, which can reduce swelling, infection, inflammation, and pain.

When an injury occurs, you need the right help and you need it right away. When you are seeking emergency dental care in Etobicoke, give us a call at Cloverdale Dental Group. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff can help you feel comfortable and back to yourself once again.