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When Do I Need Dental Fillings?

By Admin on December 26, 2018 in Dental Care
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While an aching tooth is the most common symptom to indicate you need a dental filling, there are several causes. Keep in mind that in place of metal amalgam used for many years but found to pose health risks, dentists now offer a white tooth filling. This composite resin material is not only safer, but it is also more durable and blends in with your natural tooth color.

The only way to determine if you make an excellent candidate for a permanent tooth filling is to visit a reputable dentist. Taking your symptoms into account combined with performing an oral examination, he or she will know the best course of action to take. The following are the primary reasons you might need to have a tooth restored.

  • Cavity – Caused by tooth decay, a cavity is a hole that develops in the tooth.
  • Insipiant Holes – Rather than cavities, these holes often form due to bacteria and the accumulation of food particles.
  • Fractured Tooth – Yes, just like an arm or leg, you can fracture a tooth. Whether getting it from participating in a physical sport, falling, chewing on ice and other hard objects, or going through the aging process, dental fillings work for this problem as well.
  • Discoloration – Some foods and beverages stain teeth, including wine, tobacco, coffee, soda, and so on. For some people, a filling works incredibly well.
  • Loss of Tooth Structure – An injury to a tooth poses a risk to the structure itself. For minimal damage, the dentist can use a permanent tooth filling to add support and improve appearance.

Benefits of White Fillings

Although most people call it a white tooth filling, the correct name is either a composite resin or tooth-colored filling. Regardless, compared to metal amalgam, it provides several benefits.

  • Appearance – Especially on a more visible tooth, white fillings look natural. The dentist you see can match the color perfectly to your teeth, so no one will know the difference. With this type of dental filling, you can smile with confidence.
  • Stability – Because the dentist would remove less tooth structure, this preserves more of the tooth structure. In fact, a white permanent tooth filling helps stabilize a tooth weakened by a fracture or decay.
  • Versatility – As mentioned, this filling works for more than just a cavity.
  • No Metal – Metal amalgam contains mercury, which some experts believe puts people at risk for developing health problems.
  • Protection – Metal fillings contract and expand in response to temperature changes, whereas, those made of composite resin do not.

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